Snoozing Facebook Keywords and Other Random Shit

I just saw a blurb somewhere that Facebook is adding a feature to let you snooze keywords for 30 days. Soon you will be able to avoid or limit exposure those topics you are tired of seeing or shows you don't want spoiled. 

Alexa has a skill that will let you post to Slack via voice / dictation. While I find this interesting I don't work in a place where when I am anywhere near an Echo device that I want to think about work at all. Work is the only place I use slack. Also - pretty much anyone can walk up to an Echo and and say "Alex use dictate this to slack please" and it will get posted as the person logged into the device. 

I think it might be time to read "The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield again. I always seem to get energized after a read/listen. There is a lot in there I need reminded of and it is a short listen perfect for round trips to Sewanee, Nashville or Chattanooga. I'm going to need a break from "Dreamsongs" by George RR Martin soon anyway, while short stories it is a big tome.