Tested - D+

I’ve been a fan of Tested.com for years. Really just the YouTube channel so some of my complaints might be unfair. I really do enjoy a reasonable number of their videos. Granted some of their stuff is tedious and appealing to the deep nerd/geek culture. The best content usually involves Adam Savage from Mythbusters fame. Frank Ippolito also generates excellent content. Norm annoys me most of the time, but just because he is so darned awkward. It's a nerd channel so you get what you pay for. Speaking of paying, they have a fair amount of content behind a pay wall. I'm sure that has value to a good number of people and you can't do what they do without having a revenue stream of some sort. The aging content on the premium side does sometimes find it's way to the free YouTube channel periodically too.  

This may be a nit pick to some people, but for me it seems like an essential part of what makes a good youtube channel of this sort is missing. Video production is top notch, that is never a problem. Where they are lazy and I find this really shocking, is show notes for the episodes. They mention products left and right and claim to be all about the maker culture and facilitating creatives. But you watch a video like this one and have to wonder "How much effort would it have taken to link even the most basic of things below the video?" 

They don't link to anything mentioned in the video. Even a dolt would link to the resin kit they are painting. Heck the template at the bottom of the video notes doesn't even mention Frank who is in the video. 

Here is another one, same basic problem. This one just begs for more info. They did however manage to link to their inspiration for this project. Not quite as bad, but you can tell from the comments that people want help with finding some of the stuff they use in the vids. Come on guys, get with it. Hell these are both from the premium feed, people paid good money and deserve the extra effort.