I have a DJI Spark. I picked it up a couple of months ago and have only flown it in my back yard so far. I've not shot anything anyone would consider more than amateurish of course. I haven't really had much practice time. 

This weekend I took it with me to my girlfriends restaurant which she is currently in the process of reopening in a new format. Formerly known as IvyWild, it was a farm to table fine dining restaurant. The food was amazing and it was a popular spot for special occasions in the town of Sewanee, TN. The new format is a wood fired pizza and wine bar. Soon to open and it is going to be wonderful. I'll post more about octo π soon. 

My plan was to do some exterior shots for her and just get some more time on the drone with some real settings that would give the footage a bit more of a cinematic look and feel. Sadly, no flying or footage in her location as there is a small airport near there and her restaurant is just inside the no fly zone. Rejected..