Whoah - What Did I Just Watch?

I cut the cord on subscription cable TV years ago. However sometimes you still want to watch what approximates TV so I subscribed to Sling. Amazon Prime has it's benefits, but the offering always seems thin to me. It could be nothing more than the weird suggestions and search function. Netflix generally rocks but you are funneled into their suggestions pretty hard too. That is fine.

Sling offers a base selection of channels and à la carte features as well. One of the channels in the standard line up is El Rey Network. Kung Fu classics, Godzilla marathons and old action TV series are on the menu most of the time. Yesterday I noticed a series I had never heard of before called Starhunter Redux. I knew it was going to be bad, the lead was Michael Paré. I was not disappointed.  Wow. The first episode had a plot hiding in there, but the cuts from scene to scene to scene really had no connection what so ever. The character motivations were horrible or not explained. Things just didn't make any sense. Super low budget, but the space scenes are interesting. Just can't express how bad it was. 

I'll probably watch another episode.