Vegas - Not One Penny Gambled

I’ve never been a big gambler and when I suggested Keri and I go to Vegas that wasn’t even a consideration. We went because we knew at the very least we’d have a blast hitting restaurants. Vegas has a ton of really amazing places to eat. It is relatively easy to get to from Nashville, Southwest has direct flights which are so much more preferable to layovers. Off we went.


The flight went quite smoothly, we planned and scheduled a shuttle to take us to our hotel which was quite fortunate instead of renting a car. What we discovered upon landing was that we chose an arrival on one of the 2 days the strip was closed. The Rock and Roll marathon was taking place. It took us roughly 1.5 hours to get from the the airport to our hotel.


The first full day started out nicely with a good breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris casino. Then confirmation we were indeed in Vegas.


I’ll just drop a few food photos here. You can’t throw a rock without hitting good food in Vegas.

We saw two shows, Body which was in the Luxor and the posted that photography was prohibited, but I had to snag this shot because reflections and perspective.


We also visited the Arts District , we went in the middle of the week, mid day and there wasn’t a lot of activity. There is some pretty impressive graffiti in the area. This is an area that is getting revitalized so you may some some homeless folks and I’m pretty sure there was a tent city on a pretty large lot. Hit the link and check out what is going on there though. It has some potential and there are a couple of nice restaurants planting themselves there.

The High Roller is not to far from the Westin where we stayed. We walked under it a few times and the following photo is one of my favorites taken with the iPhone.