Things That Annoy

So I must be tired, or stressed, or just thin skinned enough today to pop off on a few things that annoy me. If it is enough to get me to post, something must be up.

!st on the list today is the phrase “living my best life”. The urge to reply to that with “fuck right off” is usually pretty strong. Those 4 words generally encapsulate a desire for some combination of bragging and self pity with a cry for attention. It is almost always preceded by some life event that caused discomfort or “struggle”. Now said person has found a new hobby, job, significant other, or they spent a weekend at the beach. Great, good for you, have a cookie. Welcome to real life, now STFU.

2nd would be people who respond to statements with advice or comments that counter something you’ve told them when it has no bearing really on your situation. Example: I mentioned to a friend I need some sort of supplemental freezer as I am attempting to eat more things at home than go out nearly every night. I’m buying more frozen foods and I have a tiny freezer in the fridge. Their response was “fresh is better”. Yeah thanks. However, I hate going to the grocery store, I can’t exactly whip up a fresh meal for lunch while I am working from home, and I already know I wont bother cooking fresh stuff. Did not ask for you to tell me I was wrong, was just sharing a decision I had made. The correct thing to do if you wanted to contribute was to offer freezer suggestions if anything.

3rd and last for this rant today, not answering straight forward questions. I had a conversation with a friend who had gone out for drinks and I assumed food recently. I asked them how it was. They asked food or companions. I replied both. They just told me who they went with and the type of food they ate. My response to that was, great, that doesn’t really answer any of my questions, thanks for nothing.