Spider Stories and I Told Myself So

Yesterday was a day for spiders. It started with a coworker who is generally REALLY creeped out by spiders showing me a fuzzy silhouette spider eating a bug pic on her phone sent to her by another coworker. She wanted to know if I knew what kind of spider it was and said it’s really big. I don’t have this pic to share but it was small and shot through a screen. I couldn’t make out any details really, but I offered up this image to illustrate what a big spider really looks like.


Next up, another friend began a conversation that started with “I just did a horrible thing.” Long story short, she tried to save a spider which she normally would have squished but in the process the spider lost a couple of legs. I explained it could survive that way just fine and go her for overcoming her normal first reaction to just kill it.

Next up, on the way home I noticed a little jumper clinging to the outside of the driver side door window. It was a decent size and was tucked in nicely. This morning on the way back to work, it was still hanging out so I managed to snag a crummy cell phone shot (more on that in a minute). If it is getting good meals hiding on the side of the car I may get a chance at a better photo this afternoon.


Now the “I told myself so” part of the story. This morning I eyeballed my camera bag and waffled in whether or not to put it back in the car. I said to myself nahh but you might regret it. Well I regretted it when I pulled into the parking lot. Perched on a lamp post between me and the front door was a very nice calm hawk.  

So that’s two photos I could have gotten with the good camera and a proper lens that I had to settle on cellphone shots with instead.